NYIT Academic Calendars

To see information about future calendars through Spring 2011, please click here or scroll down this page.

Printed Copies of the current NYIT Academic Calendars

Printed copies of the current NYIT Academic Calendars are now available. You may go to any of the following locations at NYIT's twp campuses to obtain your copies. We encourage you to take as many copies as you reasonably need for your own use or to give to your colleagues or students.

MANHATTAN CAMPUS: Go to the Library on the second floor; the calendars are on the circulation desk, on the right hand side as you walk in the front door.

OLD WESTBURY CAMPUS: The calendars are available in four locations, as follows:

  1. Wisser Library - in the first floor, on the table near the elevators on the right hand side as you walk into the building
  2. Education Hall Library - in the information display unit
  3. Duplicating Room / Print Shop (Simonson Annex) - on the table as you walk in the door.
  4. NYIT Bookstore
Email Requests for Calendars:

You may also request that copies of the current calendars be mailed to you. Simply send an email message to Deborah Tibrewala, our Executive Director, by clicking on this link: dtibrewa@nyit.edu. Be sure to specify the number of calendars you will need, and indicate the address to which you want the calendars sent. To have the calendars sent to you via NYIT inter-office mail, be sure to specify the building, room, and campus. To have the calendars sent to some other address (such as your home), please furnish the complete address so that the copies will reach you promptly.

NYIT Academic Calendars for Future Academic Years

Academic calendars for the Fall and Spring semesters are recommended to the NYIT Administration by the Academic Senate. The Senate Calendar Committee first recommends drafts of proposed calendars following the Academic Calendar Guidelines established by the Senate Executive Committee. These drafts are then presented to the Senate Executive Committee, and ultimately to the full Academic Senate, for discussion, possible modification, and approval. (Dates pertaining to intersession and the summer sessions have always been prepared by the NYIT Administration alone, and do not require either Senate consideration or approval.)

At its October 10, 1997 meeting, the Academic Senate approved a "Secular Calendar" resolution: it voted that no references to any religious observances should appear in any official NYIT academic calendars. In compliance with this resolution, no names of any religious holidays appear when academic calendars are published in NYIT's Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs or in any other official NYIT documents.

To view or print the approved NYIT Academic Calendars for any semester from Fall 2003 through Spring 2011 (in Adobe® Acrobat® [pdf] format), simply click the appropriate link below. Note: the pdf versions of the Academic Calendar available by clicking on the hyperlinks below fully comply with the "Secular Calendar" resolution, and they do not contain any names of religious holidays. (We have kept old calendars going back to Fall 2003 on this site in case you need to refer to them for some reason.)

Important: you must have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print these files. To obtain the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (9.3) for free, simply click here

Information Concerning Religious Holidays

Detailed information relating to holidays observed by many different religions appears in various places on the Internet. Here are some links you may find useful:

Interfaith Calendar from interfaithcalendar.org

Description of Secular and Academic Calendars from ReligiousTolerance.org

Religious and Secular Holidays from infoplease.com

Islamic Holidays from infoplease.com

Hebrew Calendar (interactive Jewish calendar)

If you would like to suggest any additional links to be added to this list, please send an email message to: dtibrewa@nyit.edu

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